In our Adopt-a-Library Program, your organization “adopts” an existing Books for Kids library to update and refurbish. We ask that your group raise funds and join us to help us make over a library location. We also ask volunteers to read to the children and if it is possible, to give each child a book for their home libraries. At the end of the project, your employees and volunteers will feel incredibly rewarded, and our children will know that your company or organization cared enough to make a huge difference in their lives.

This is a unique opportunity for a donor to receive naming rights to a library at a lower giving level because we incorporate the existing library book collection, bookshelves and other furniture and décor items into the renovation plan.
Further, for corporations looking for a high-impact volunteer program, the Adopt-a-Library Program is a wonderful opportunity to engage those at your company. We also suggest adopting multiple Books for Kids libraries as part of a larger philanthropic effort to have a network of libraries in your name. For more information on our Adopt-a-Library Program call the Books for Kids office at 212-760-2665.