Book Donations

Collecting books is a fun way to support Books for Kids and engage your family, friends, community or office. Consider asking for book or monetary donations at your next:

• Birthday Party
• Holiday Party
• Family Reunion
• Anniversary Party
• Baby Shower
• Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah

If you are interested in donating books to help support the children in our libraries, contact Samantha at the Books for Kids office before arranging any kind of collection or book drive. You can reach her at 212-760-2665 or Due to space constraints, we ask kindly that you DO NOT send any books to the Books for Kids office without contacting us first.

Although Books for Kids loves to provide the books you collect to the children we serve, we have strict guidelines regarding the books we can accept.


Books for Kids cannot pick up or cover shipping costs, so you must be able to ship the books at a location we give you. We are unable to accommodate drop-offs. All book donations must be shipped.

Books for Kids is a 501C3 nonprofit and all gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. You will receive a tax-acknowledgement thank you letter from us, but please be advised we are unable to itemize or value your donation. You must complete that yourself before books are donated if you require that information.


Can I donate books to Books for Kids?

Of course! Thank you for your support. Just take a look at the guidelines above, and make sure to reach out to the Books for Kids office before beginning any kind of collection.

Where will my books go?

To kids and families who will love them and hopefully read them again and again! Books given in-kind from our donors support our mission in a variety of ways. They are sometimes sent to schools where we don’t have active programming for teachers to give out to their students. Sometimes they’re given to our Library Specialists so they can be given away to children and their caregivers at community events. Generally, books given in-kind do not go into our circulating library collection. Those books have to be specially processed with book jackets and colored dots. But there’s no shortage of ways your books can make a difference in a child’s life, and we’re thankful to you for making a difference!

But where do I send them specifically?

We build our libraries inside of preschools, Head Starts, and other early-childhood centers across the country, so it’s hard to say which library will need books at the time of your donation and be the right fit for the books you’ve collected. When you contact the BFK office to arrange your donation, we’ll work with you to make sure they go to a school that’s located within a comfortable distance for you to ship the books you’ve collected. As mentioned above, Books for Kids cannot fund shipping costs.

I collected books already but I didn’t contact you first! What do I do? Do you still want them?

Give the BFK office a call at 212.760.2665 and we’ll do our best to find them a good home. As long as they follow our guidelines, you are able to ship them, and we can accommodate the quantity, we’ll be grateful to receive your donation.

Your guidelines say donated books have to be brand new. What if mine are gently used or in like-new condition?

Sorry, we won’t take them.


Really Really.

But why?

We’re glad you asked. Used books are amazing. Buying used is a low-cost and environmentally-friendly way for the most voracious readers to indulge their habits. So why don’t we accept used books?

  1. We primarily serve preschoolers, so we are particularly wary about spreading germs to our little ones. Have you ever seen a two-year-old stick a board book cover in their mouth? It happens.
  2. The children we serve in our libraries come from communities that are severely under-resourced. We provide new books to these children who, for many, might seldom receive new books of their own. This also allows them to have the latest books with their favorite characters (like Pete the Cat!) which often take some time to make it into their public library’s circulation, and, once they do, waiting lists for popular titles can be long. There is so much that’s new and exciting each year in children’s literature, and kids should never be priced-out of receiving the most worthwhile children’s books or the newest installment in a beloved series.
  3. Books for Kids is a small team. One person’s “gently used” might be another person’s “very used.” And, unfortunately, we don’t have the time or resources to evaluate the quality of every book that is donated. Perhaps your “barely used” book is in such wonderful condition that no one would know the difference, but when it’s sent to a library there is often no way for us to know for sure that the book meets our quality standards. Specifying that books must be new cuts down on the work the recipients of our books have to do. We rely on our school contacts to confirm the condition of donated books when they are received, and we try not to put more work on our teacher’s shoulders when they work so hard already.
  4. (Big city specific) Bed bugs.

Ok, so if I can’t send Books for Kids my used books, where can I send them?

Give Samantha a call at 212.760.2665 or reach out to her at, and she’ll try to help you find an organization in your area that is both in need of books and accepts used books.

Do I have to log the titles and values of the books?

That’s totally up to you! We are unable to itemize or value your donation, so if you need an itemized receipt that includes the value of your donation, you must provide that for yourself before you send us the books. However, if you would like to log the titles of the book and let us know the quantity, that’s helpful information for us to have as we distribute books 🙂

After reading over your guidelines and looking through the FAQ, it looks like doing a book donation isn’t right for me. But I still want to help children receive books. How else can I help?

We’re so grateful for your care and your support! If you would like to make a monetary donation restricted to books, please contact Samantha at 212.760.2665 or reach out to her at Making a donation restricted to books means that we will use your donation specifically to purchase books for our kids. There are added benefits to supporting us in this way:

1. Your money goes further. For what you would spend on a new book at Barnes and Noble, we can purchase three or more books through our special partnerships with book vendors.

2. Your gift could be used to purchase books for the libraries. Books given in-kind can’t go into our circulating collections because those books need to be library processed. Your monetary gift can help us get new books into our libraries in the condition required for lending.

3. We know the unique needs of each school. That means we can make sure braille books are sent where we have blind or visually impaired students or ensure Mandarin books are sent where there are many Mandarin-speaking families. We’re in constant contact with our teachers and Library Specialists who help guide our book purchases.

I have more questions about donating books that weren’t answered here.

No worries! Give Samantha a call at 212.760.2665 or reach out to her at