Our libraries are only the first step in helping the children we serve gain the skills they need to be ready for school. Through our libraries, we provide access to books and a print-rich environment and then we work to make sure the library is used to its full potential. Books for Kids runs programs in an effort to fulfill our goal of school readiness and literary success. Volunteers are essential for supporting our programming.

Volunteers and individuals range from individual community members, retired librarians, children’s performers, professional storytellers, corporate volunteer groups, and early childhood literacy experts who help us in various ways to work with the children in our libraries to deepen their literacy experience.

StoryTime Program

The Books for Kids StoryTime Program is designed to bring books alive, engage preschoolers and most importantly provide critical read-aloud hours that are shown to be one of the most effective tools in school readiness.

Volunteers are responsible for engaging children in read-aloud time. Volunteers for this program can simply read aloud in small groups or couple their skills and talents such as puppeteering, arts and crafts, and sing-alongs to further engage the children we serve. Our goal is to expose children to more attention during reading and encourage them to form a love of books and reading.