Literacy Programs

Our libraries are only the first step in helping the children we serve gain the skills they need to be ready for school, and for life. Through our libraries, we start by giving children access to books and a print-rich environment, but the real magic happens when then we work to make sure that gift comes alive. Books for Kids organizes and sponsors specially developed programs in our libraries to engage the children– and all of the adults in their lives– in books and reading. Through these programs, our goal is to build key literacy skills in children: phonological awareness, alphabetic knowledge, and understanding the concepts about print conventions. These are all necessary skills for children to achieve so that they can be ready for kindergarten.

StoryTime Program

The Books for Kids StoryTime Program brings together volunteers and individuals such as from community members, retired librarians, corporate volunteers, and early childhood literacy experts who work with the children in our libraries to deepen their literacy experience. From puppet shows and sing-alongs to literacy-based arts & crafts, and group readings, all of our activities bring books to life. We make learning fun, and help build the critical early literacy skills our children need to be successful in life.

Lending Library Program

The Books for Kids Lending Library Program encourages and assists preschool-aged children to check out library books from the Books for Kids library on site at their preschool or daycare center. Books for Kids helps children and teachers learn the lending process so that each child can have a new book to bring home with them each week. We also encourage teachers to use the library and books to assist with their curricula and lesson plans. Our goal is to have teachers learn and become comfortable with the lending process to be able to run this program on their own.

Build-a-Home-Library Program

The Books for Kids Build-a-Home-Library Program strives to accomplish a “print-rich environment” in the homes of the children that we serve at our library sites. A print-rich environment consists of a minimum of five age-appropriate books. We seek out book donations, assist with partner book drives, and organize and follow through with book distributions.