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Helping kids meet kindergarten ready.


Over 8.5 million US children lack access to the literacy resources they need.

We're working to end educational inequalities by ensuring that kids ages 0-5 are fully supported on their journey to literacy.

Surrounded by books
Daily reading with
trusted adults
Access to high-quality
early education

All kids deserve great books, and literacy is a right for all.

“The Books for Kids library in my child’s school encourages him to read more and learn more. It gives my child the ability to learn new and bigger words and to think outside the box.”

-Parent of student, Las Vegas, NV



School Directors who say Books for Kids programs are an important part of their students’ early literacy development.


School Directors who say the books Books for Kids provides support their students' social and emotional learning.


Books read aloud in Story Time with Library Specialists both in-person and remotely.


Books we have distributed to children and their families since 2015.


Libraries across the US inside preschools, community centers, and family shelters


Children served by our libraries and literacy programs during another school year impacted by COVID

Story Time Magic

Story Time Magic

Curated libraries and Story Time
magic for young readers

Libraries &
Library Specialists

We create libraries inside of  preschools, Head Starts, and family homeless shelters in under-resourced communities as well as help children build up their own home library collections. Our Library Specialists who conduct Story Time are experts at making reading both an educational and joyful experience.

Our programs are designed to be non-stigmatizing, and it's essential to recognize that what we work to provide for our students is deserved by all and expected as a given for students from wealthier zip codes. Creating time and space to foster curiosity and a love of learning in young children improves their lives and benefits us all.

Literacy &
Early Education

"Early experiences affect the development of brain architecture, which provides the foundation for all future learning, behavior, and health."
- The Harvard Center on the Developing Child

The first five years is a crucial, narrow window of time when we have the greatest chance to give children a foundation they can build upon. Despite this, there is considerable under-investment in early childhood.

Millions of young children also face deeply unjust educational disparities, creating an education gap where they are more likely to fall behind before they even reach Kindergarten.

Libraries are for all.

Curated Library Collections

Every library we build is curated to meet the needs of the children and families it serves. Our vibrant and diverse book collections feature high-interest titles, align with local curricula, promote social & emotional learning, and ensure every child sees their own story on the page.

Library Specialists

Our Library Specialists manage our libraries, work directly with children, and support and empower parents and educators to model fun and effective reading habits in school and at home. They create a culture of reading within communities by making reading too fun to miss.

Story Time

Our libraries have a spark of magic, and it's never as apparent as during a Story Time with our Library Specialists. Joyful, dialogic, and full of movement, Story Time keeps kids coming back to the library for new books again and again. 


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