Be a reading role model this summer.

Every child deserves literacy, but not every child has access to the books and resources they need. With your help, we can fill shelves in preschools and family shelters and keep Story Time going all season long.

You have the power to inspire young children to learn and grow through books.

$29,962.00 raised / $50,000 goal

You can help provide...


Story Time

Remote Programs

Teacher Support

Library Creation

Family Events

Literacy Skill-Building

Library Maintenance

And so much more!

“My son now associates reading with an activity we can do in his leisure time as well. We typically read before bed and that has been our ritual. But having books to bring home caused him to see reading as something we can do on the train, in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, and more. He now packs our personal books in his bag so we can read on the go throughout the day as well.”  — Parent at Hudson Guild in NYC

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The 21-22 academic year is almost done and we have added over 16,000 books to home, school, and family shelter library shelves and hosted thousands of hours of Story Time both in-person and remotely. Over 22,000 students across the country have benefited from our efforts, and none of this would be possible without support like yours. Despite these successes, there's so much more to accomplish.

This work is vital.


Too many young children start kindergarten without the early literacy skills they need to build upon for academic success. If a child isn't reading on grade level by 3rd grade, the likelihood they won't finish high school rises which increases the possibility that they will face hardships like poverty and homelessness. It doesn't have to be this way. Literacy should be a basic, assumed right for all children and yet huge disparities by race and class keep this vital tool out of reach. 

According to the Harvard Center on the Developing Child (HCDC), "Early experiences affect the development of brain architecture, which provides the foundation for all future learning, behavior, and health." That's such a huge part of why we do what we do to support our nation's youngest readers. We recognize how urgent it is to invest our resources in early childhood and why we encourage others to do the same. The brief but urgent window of birth through age five presents not only a time to give kids the childhood they deserve, but also the greatest opportunity to set children up for futures where they have the agency to shape their lives and to enact the changes they wish to see in this world.

How can you help promote literacy among all children and be a "reading role model" in your family and community?


1. Encourage

others by example

When the children in your life see you reading for knowledge and pleasure, they get curious! As important as it is to read together, it's also important that kids see you reading independently. You can even read independently side by side. Shared reading time creates positive memories that will last a lifetime.

Visit your local library! Libraries are incredible community investments. Did you know that libraries provide services beyond book lending? Check out your neighborhood offerings- they might surprise you. 


2. Support the right to literacy for all.

Donations to literacy organizations like Books for Kids are vital to helping provide educational programs that students need in neighborhoods where schools and other academic enrichment programs are underfunded. This has been especially true during COVID. Take a look at this response from a recent survey of Directors in schools we partner with:

"[We're] super grateful for our partnership which has been instrumental in helping us navigate this difficult period. Early childhood educators were ill equipped to start teaching 3/4 year old remotely. The Books for Kids story time with their great librarians as well as the many books they provided our children made a tremendous difference in our ability to keep education alive."  — PreK Director

Advocating for your local library also promotes educational equity. Libraries are safe, democratic spaces where all people can gather to read and learn for free. They provide programs that help people succeed in school, find jobs, foster friendships, and so much more. Make sure your local representatives know that you 1) support your library and want to ensure it's fully funded, and 2) believe we need more investment in high-quality early childhood education and in resources that support the families of young children. Not sure who to reach out to? Start here: Find Your Legislators

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Books for Kids promotes literacy among preschool-aged children in under-resourced communities. We create libraries and implement literacy programs in order to help children develop the critical early literacy and social-emotional skills they need to be successful in kindergarten and beyond.


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