Books for Kids creates and furnishes libraries within existing preschools, Head Starts, and day care centers. In fact, we are the only organization building full lending libraries inside low-income preschools. We enable children who may not have access to a public library to discover the world of books. We purchase and donate library bound books to create an actual lending program to familiarize children with standard library practices.

Each library is created with an age-appropriate collection, which includes the core group of standard titles recommended by the Department of Education and early childhood literacy experts. Books are carefully selected to reflect the backgrounds and life experiences of the children in that community.

Libraries include child-friendly chairs and tables, colorful carpets, puppets, print-rich murals, and more. These unique learning environments grant children the opportunity to an embark on an early learning process that will lay the groundwork for their future success. Our libraries and programs encourage children to explore, think, discover, and learn.

Books for Kids only donates to tax-exempt organizations, not to individuals.
Books for Kids looks for organizations to be serving underprivileged children, at least 50% of whom live below the poverty line and/or qualify for free lunch.